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Harriet the Spy Movie Review
Good family movies are not just the newest or most popular ones currently at the box office. Plenty of movies that the entire family will enjoy are out on DVD so stay in, have fun and save money! Here’s another family movie review from my “oldie but goodie” collection.

Healthy Diets and Healthy Minds
Kids eating habits don't just shape their bodies, but they also shape their minds. Parents should be aware how a healthy or unhealthy diet affects their kids on a daily basis.

Help For Arguing Siblings
Are you tired of being the referee when sibling personalities collide? Finally, you have a way to get out of the middle for good.

Helping Kids Succeed in School
As a new school year begins, what can parents do to help their children succeed in school? Here are a few tips to keep your kids on the right track!

Holiday Family Movies
Slotting in families can be due to a sub conscious act by parents to stereotype their children. The result are personality traits and behaviors that are due to expectations. As parents can we keep ourselves from stereotyping our children?

Holiday Money Saving Tips
The holiday season is the time when stress and money are big issues. Here are a few tips for parents (and all gift givers) to save time, money and hopefully, relieve a little pressure:

Holiday Reading for Kids
Get in the holiday spirit while also encouraging kids to read all through the year.

Ideas for Family Night
Wondering what to do for family night? Here are some ideas and game recommendations!

Improving Family Online Communication
Through texting and social media, families are happily connecting electronically. However, this new, immediate and convenient communication can sometimes disrupt family harmony. Here are a few guidelines which can help avoid those written communication problems!

Improving Siblings-in-Law Relationships
Love for your adult siblings does not automatically transfer to love for their spouse. Lack of acceptance or even outright hostility can make happy family gatherings nearly impossible. Using the same principal as “picture them naked”, here are 5 tips for improving the relationship with your siblings

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