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In Defense of Fathers
For many, the only time fathers are given heavy consideration is on Father’s Day. The role of a father is often underrated and in some families nonexistent. What are the ramifications of the fatherless households and what can Dads do to make a comeback?

Inhuman Book Review
Inhuman by Kat Falls has been compared to the bestselling series The Hunger Games. The question now is, does the book live up to the hype?

Inspiring Kids to Read
Reading is a fundamental skill and the benefits are far reaching and long lasting. So, what should parents do to ensure their children develop good reading habits? Here are seven ways to inspire your kids to read!

Iron Man Movie Review
Another superhero on the big screen! Is it a good choice for a family movie?

Jealousy Between Siblings
Sibling jealousy can be a problem the moment a new baby comes home and last even as the siblings enter adulthood. Here are some ways to help parents manage the “green-eyed monster” overshadowing sibling relationships in their households.

Kids and Prescription Drug Abuse
Alarming and disturbing, prescription drug abuse in kids as young as twelve is on the rise. Are parents unwittingly responsible?

Kids and Summer Safety
Summer is a great time to have fun in the sun, but safety should still be the issue at the top of every parent or caretaker’s list. Here are tips to keep the kids safe while still enjoying the summer season!

Kinect Game System Review
A high tech and highly anticipated item is making its 2010 holiday appearance. When looking for something the entire family can enjoy, is Kinect a safe bet?

Kung Fu Panda Movie Review
Will this animated film be something that the entire family will enjoy?

Learning through Music
Music is great to use when entertaining, but did you know that it's also great to use when teaching? What are the educational benefits for your children when music is a part of their lives?

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