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A Poppy in Memory of our War Dead
Have you ever wondered why the Poppy flower is so popular around Memorial Day? It is worn to commemorate our war dead. The origin is from a poem written during World War I, expressing grief over a fallen friend. This touching story can be read here.

A Salute to our Veterans
On this Veteran's Day, we need to salute our Veterans not just for servicing the country, but also for their all-giving altruistic hearts. Even the Veteran's children demonstrate that Altruistic Heart. Read it here.

Army Infantry Iron Man Suit is a reality
This is a very interesting article on another new piece of new quuipment. The Army will be turning out men and Women into tanks on two legs, or do we call them Iron Man.

Black Hornet Drone Nano-copter
The Black Hornet is a pocket size surveillance mini drone being utilized by the British Infantry in Afghanistan. It has been proven to save soldiers' lives. The U.S. Army has ordered two of these for testing.

Combat Medics and their Evolution
The evolution of the care of wounded soldiers on the battlefield spans about nine hundred years.Find out more of these heroes who save lives.

Form Fitting Body Armor for Female Troops
Women Military Personnel are being exposed to greater risk within combat zones. The Army, finally, took the initiative to protect our Female Troops. They have designed Body Armor to fit the Female Form. You can read about this Fashion Forward move, right here.

Hypertension and the Woman Veteran
Hypertension or High Blood Pressure ranks second of the top three diagnosed ailments in Women Veterans. The key to defeating Hypertension is Blood Pressure Control.

Marines/Army Contract for Safer Helmets
The U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army collaborated in testing for an Enhanced Combat Helmet. The result is a new helmet providing a 50% increase in ballistic and fragmentation protection. Deployment of the new headgear is expected in early 2014. Read all about it.

Military Field Rations Inedible
Military Field Rations have been the bane of every solider. In World War I, it was the'Iron Ration.' In WW II, the Korean War, and Vietnam War, it was some configuration of the 'C-ration,' and now it is the MRE. Soldiers only eat them to survive. Here is a suggestion to make them palatable.

Military Leaders Born in November
November yields am impressive list. Here is a list of ten notable military people from around the world and throughout the ages, who were born in November. With whom do you share a birthday?

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