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Six basic Essential Oil every household should have. Start exploring, the benefit of aromatherapy with only a handful of inexpensive oils.

Today, many arthritis sufferers are looking to alternative therapy to help treat their symptoms, through massage, herbal remedies, and dietary change.

Arthritis-Foods That Trigger Symptoms
Some arthritis suffers might find relief from their symptoms by keeping a food diary.

Bach Flower Remedies
“Behind all disease lies our fear, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes”-Edward Bach

Bach Flower Remedies And Their Uses
Selecting and using flower essences is a simple process the key is honest self-examination.

Bach Flower Remedies And Their Uses Continues
Continued list of Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower-Rescue Remedy
This remedy is a must have for emergencies and crisis, helps to calm emotions and clear trauma, for people and pets.

Most back problems are associated with long-term habits that eventually result in backaches.

Beauty Foods
A diet rich in certain foods can positively impact skin health and appearance.

Beauty Nutrients for Every Age
Healthy skin at age 20 looks a lot different from healthy skin at 50, but whatever the age; beautiful skin starts from within – with a healthy diet, adequate hydration and plenty of sleep.

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