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Benefits Of A Seaweed Bath
Seaweed bath are nature’s perfect body balancer, and they’re an excellent way to take in iodine therapy.

Biofeedback has been shown to be helpful in treating over 100 medical conditions. Even if you do not have a specific disease or condition, biofeedback can help you improve your overall health.

Body Brushing
Body brushing is an old European self-care technique that takes only a few minutes to do before you step into the bath or shower.

Book Review-Treat Your Own Frozen Shoulder
This user-friendly manual guides self-help book with full instructions on how to apply The Niel-Asher Technique™

Cancer-How To Reduce Your Risk
What lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your chances of getting cancer?

Caring For A Sick Pet - Bach Flower Remedies Can Help
By keeping a positive attitude you will help your furry friend cope better with an illness.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tips To Help Reduce Symptoms
If you work any job or hobby that involves repeating the same movement of your hands and wrists, you may be at risk for the painful condition carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Cayenne Pepper-Remedies
One of the most useful botanical remedies for pain relief is capsaicin the principal active ingredient of cayenne pepper.

What is chamomile good for? Read and find out!

Cilantro, Natural Chelator
So heavy metals got you down? When heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, or mercury accumulate in our bodies, it can raise havoc with all of our systems.

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