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Sharks Need Fins to Survive
Shark fin soup is an unnecessary food source when all the components found in a shark’s fin are also found within herbal and vitamin supplements that are readily available, far less costly on our purse strings, and more responsible to our ecosystem.

Ship Strike Rule Could Save Lives
Next to reducing overfishing and deadly sonar practices, the most significant way to reduce unintentional marine mammal deaths is the continued implementation of the Ship Strike Rule.

Shutdown Death Tanks
Whales have protested their captivity since 1968. Apparently, people have yet to receive the message with any degree of clarity.

Stop Snapperfest
Indiana is home to an annual gathering where adults train America’s youth to become desensitized towards respecting life through animal torture and death. This activity was a shared interest by such notables as Edward Gein, Theodore Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Indiana native James Warren Jones.

Take the Animal Challenge
Explore the gift of personal empowerment by participating in the challenge. It is amazing what people achieve when they put their minds to it!

Talking Turkey about Thanksgiving in the USA
Have you ever wondered about the origins of Thanksgiving? Here is a look at the native menu, and the plight faced by the wild turkey.

Tar Sands Destroys Lake Conway Wildlife
Natural resources and wildlife covered in tar. Wildlife suffers rapid mutations and suffocation. Fertile land converts into uninhabitable soil, and access to fresh water supplies becomes increasingly threatened.

Tar Sands Extraction Mutates Animal Life
Scientists have proven that oil sands extraction creates unnaturally accelerated mutations to marine life beyond the borders of the Tar Sands region.

The African Unicorn
The tales of the "African Unicorn" date back as far as Ancient Egypt. Now referred to as Okapi, they were believed to be a mythical creature until the beginning of the 20th century. Yet, this illusive creature faces real endangerment before we even have the chance to learn anything about it.

The Dangers of the Sonoran Desert Toad
Changing weather patterns encourage aggressive breeding of the dangerous amphibian, Bufo alvarius.

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