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The Real Cost of Elephant Ivory
Ever wonder if there is any real harm to the sale of ivory?

The Role of Bees in Ancient Egypt
Captured within the walls of ancient Egypt rests a demonstration of our ability to embrace a natural equilibrium between humans and animals.

The Roots of Big Cats as Spirit Guides
The existence of animals helps to formulate a well-rounded person with the means for physical survival and mental evolution.

The Scoop on Dog Poop
Dogs align themselves to the Earth's magnetic field for their daily ablutions.

The Weeping Spirit Bear
The winds carry the tears of the Spirit Bears to take heed and end a tragedy that would bring back the Great Ice.

Tiny Menace of Australia, Sydney Funnel Web Spider
Sydney, Australia, known for its opera house, infamous bridge, and pristine beaches is also home to the venomous Funnel-Web Spider. Even though this spider is located in a limited region, it is considered one of the deadliest arachnids because of its proclivity towards aggressive behavior.

Trap Neuter and Release Programs
The best way to help reduce shelter euthanasia is to curb the feral population responsibly, thereby reducing the strain on all of the shelter systems in place.

Truck Stop Tiger
The Animal Legal Defense Fund says enough is enough when Louisiana renews a permit allowing a truck stop to keep a full-grown tiger, “Tony,” caged in its parking lot as a sideshow spectacle.

Truck Stop Tiger And The Law
Louisiana retracts its decision to quash a permit that allows a tiger to be caged at a truck stop. The Animal Legal Defense Fund goes back to the batting plate for the tiger while the permit holder says he will do whatever it takes to break their efforts.

Ugg Boots Are Ineffective Fashion
Fur-lined boots are costly, impractical, and inhumane. Learn how to effectively stay warm while preserving the Raccoon Dog, an animal that survived the Ice Age only to be barbarically mistreated by being skinned alive at the hands of humans.

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