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Animal Welfare, Human Health, and Chemical Abuse
The genetically altered bovine hormone is injected into cows, which results in diseased cattle and human health concerns. Understand how this was allowed to happen.

Animals and Holiday Symbolism
Animal symbolism is important to holiday customs. A greater growth in awareness towards animal preservation helps to maintain the harmony of the holidays for all of us.

Animals Help Relieve Depression
Amidst economic strife, high unemployment rates, tenuous future security, and struggles with self-esteem, it is little surprise that depression is a chronic reality for many. One of the most effective ways to help combat this condition is by taking advantage of the human-animal bond.

Animals Threatened by Tar Sands Corporate Practice
Enbridge tells America environmental concerns over Tar Sands spills are not their concern.

Antarctic Animals and Environmental Awareness
The guardians of Antarctic's animals are industrialized nations whose primary focus is depleting Earth of all of its natural resources as quickly as possible, regardless of the consequences. This global protection tactic is as nonsensical as asking a serial killer to watch a child.

Are You an Animal Hoarder? Learn the Signs
Hoarding is not beneficial to the welfare of animals and is vastly different from providing responsible care.

Are You Scared of Arachnids? Meet the Lifesaver!
Enforced clean water regulations are necessary in order to keep this water arachnid thriving so that it can maintain a stable ecosystem and save human lives.

Australia Sells Blue Whale Habitat for Oil Profits
Australia puts oil profits above the EPBC Act by auctioning off protected water habitats for drilling.

Australian Politics Threatens Great Barrier Reef
Australia faces the possibility of losing its World Heritage status due to the ongoing political atmosphere that chooses to define international favor as more important than preserving the unique ecological splendor that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Back From the Future
Scientists have been able to map out what life will be like in 2050 if human actions remain unchanged.

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