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Deceptive Barcodes Lead to Animal Welfare Issues
Product labels and barcodes are often misleading to consumers. This puts animals across the world at risk and shoppers in a quandary when attempting to purchase goods.

Decoding Animal Languages
Find out how humans expand their understanding of animal languages.

Deer Ked Cause Moose Balding
Changing weather patterns have increased the production of a parasitic fly that burrows so deeply it causes bald spots.

Differences between Hair and Fur
Have you ever wondered what the distinctions are between hair and fur?

Do Animals Have Emotions?
This is a frequently asked question. Explore the reasoning that supports genuine emotions in animals. The answer is more personal than one might imagine.

Dog Food Recall for Advanced Animal Nutrition
Advanced Animal Nutrition has updated information on a voluntary recall to include expanded lot numbers for several brands of dog food.

Dog Food Recall for Diamond Pet Food
Diamond Pet Foods, producers of Chicken Soup for the Cat and Dog Lover’s Soul, has issued a voluntary recall on dog food for possible salmonella.

Elephant Tusks for Black Market Seized
Victories in Kenya and Vietnam airports reveal a cautionary tale about the continued prevalence of black market industries manipulating around international trade mandates to facilitate the ongoing demand for elephant tusks.

Emaciated Wildlife
From the Atlantic to the Pacific, record-breaking numbers of wildlife are dying from starvation, but why.

Endangered Amur Leopard Faces Extinction
Without effective interaction to stop poachers and measures to cease habitat encroachment, the Amur Leopard faces its place amongst the dinosaurs in Earth's history.

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