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Endangered Arctic Animals Under Siege
Governments turn a blind eye towards established conservation laws for oil profits.

Farmers Rise up to Reclaim Land from Keystone XL
Judge Stephanie Stacy finds cause for Thompson v. Heineman to proceed. This lawsuit is to show the unconstitutionality of allowing politicians the freedom to invoke eminent domain for the benefit of foreign companies.

Farmers Sued by TransCanada
Congress allows Canada to seize farmlands without valid permits or minimum safety standards to make way for the Keystone Pipeline.

Feather Weave for Hair is Fowl
Hair fashion is fun and brings out the giddy inside most girls. However, it is hard to laugh and feel pretty when we know that we have death hanging in our strands.

Florida Residents Plead for Panthers
Florida residents are dismayed as they face the extinction of the beloved state animal, the Florida Panther, for the sake of building a “Green” power plant when there are numerous other alternatives available that would not affect the last of these wild cats.

Fossil Fuels Affect Core Aquatic Life
Scientists have developed a method to measure the real consequences of oil spills. What was discovered surpassed worst expectations. The ground zero victims are plankton - the foundation necessary for all aquatic animals and water vitality.

Fracking Impact on the Planet and Animal Health
Reports suggest that Mother Nature is not fracking around with animal, human health, or the planet. At some juncture, we must ask ourselves at what point does evidence of harm produce a definitive need for corrective action.

Genetically Modified Salmon and Health Risks
Become informed about the potential health risks of serving your family genetically engineered (GE) salmon, discover the correlations to GMO products, and contemplate the intentions of biotech firms.

Giving Thanks to Animal Organizations
Acknowledgement of the efforts put forth by animal non-profit organizations and the dedicated people who devote their time towards exuberating positive change is as important as the services provided.

Google Earth Helps People Save Rainforest Animals
A tool that enables people to answer the eternal question, “How can I help rejuvenate the planet and protect its animals?” The answer is found by utilizing interactive knowledge; from which ideas are born.

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