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Horse Meat in America
Horse meat slaughter is being viewed as a successful means to save the American economy. However, the numbers do not add up and once again, the general population is left holding the bag for sloppy political thinking.

How Animals Help General Mental Health
Mental stability derives from a positive support structure. Not surprising, animals are a key component to that end.

How Animals Help Troubled Children
It is distressing to see a child suffer. Animal-Assisted Therapy proves effective at helping children through times of struggle.

How Animals Survived Japan's Tsunami
Japan's animal rescue strategy after a devastating Tsunami demonstrates vast fundamental differences in the wake of America's Hurricane Katrina.

How Clean Is the Water?
The United States government seems contented to putrefy the pristine waters of the Arctic Region and America's last wild frontier in Alaska, endangering lawfully protected animals.

How Echinacea Herb Helps Household Pets
Echinacea is nature's antibiotic. It helps fight infections and helps mitigate the cold and flu.

How Factory Farms Degrade Livestock
When discussing the realities of how agribusiness handles farm animals, concerns about antibiotic use and humane living conditions need addressing, for both their welfare and continued human health.

How Fungi Helps Ecological Stability
Fungi, like mushrooms, are best known for their uses as a pizza topping, stylish hors d'oeuvre, or for their hallucinogenic properties. Research indicates that we can now add global stabilizer to that list.

How Parsley Helps Animals
Parsley is one cupboard staple that provides a number of benefits to animals and is cost effective.

How to Advocate for Animals
Animal advocacy can be tiresome from its complexity. It can also be the most rewarding thing a person does professionally or personally.

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