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How to Avoid Deadly Animal Treats
The FDA warns consumers to check animal food labels and avoid purchasing food and treats made in China.

How to Get Fruit Flies out of the House
Fruit flies have a way of putting the most annoying human house-guest to shame when it comes to overstaying their welcome. Here are some helpful tips.

How to Handle Flea, Tick, and Lice Issues
Insect infestations can be worrisome because of the potential health hazards they carry, in addition to the growing concerns over exposure to chemical treatments to control the problem. Here is a safe and natural way to manage flea, tick, lice, ant, termite, and roach issues.

How to Protect Animals from Heat Stroke
Animals can and do suffer from heat stroke when exposed to unrelenting heated conditions. Heat stroke can result in lifelong medical complications or death. Take measures to prevent this from happening.

How Valerian Root Helps Animals
Valerian Root is nature's sleep aid and stress reducer.

Humpback Whales Threatened by Oil Industry
Western Australia seeks to protect Humpback whales from the clutches of oil industries that seek to exploit the areas untapped resources.

Innovative Measure to Clean Oceans
When innovative minds think of creative solutions to reduce pollution and approach it with a "can do" attitude, the world experiences positive change.

Iowa Animal Cruelty Whistle Blower Bill
Iowa finds it more purposeful to punish animal cruelty whistle blowers than address issues involving abusive facilities, husbandry, animal mills, and lack of mandated governmental oversight.

Is an Oil Spill in the Arctic a Big Deal?
If Shell Oil says they have a plan; why should people question it?

Jaguars Awarded Critical Habitat
A federal district court sided with the Center for Biological Diversity to create a designated habitat for jaguars.

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