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Artist's Self Portrait In Religious Works
Most artists may have looked in a mirror and became their own models. There are those artists who have painted themselves literally into religious works. Namely, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Leonardo, and Rembrandt.

Where Bosch and Harry Potter Coexist
Books by Harry Potter and Hieronymus Bosch can be found in the children´s room of your local library. I have my "Oprah-like" book recommendations for young people.

' Madonna and Child ' Religious Painting
We live in a time when some people are trying to take religion out of Christmas. A most endearing painting, ´Madonna and Child,´ will warm any heart.

'Expulsion from Garden of Eden' in Art
In the Book of Genesis, the Biblefs first book, man and woman are expelled from the Garden of Eden. I will discuss paintings by: Masaccio, Michelangelo, and Thomas Cole - artists who painted this biblical theme.

'King Tut & Golden Age of Pharaohs' in NY
Thirty years have passed since the 'Treasures of Tutankhamun' blockbuster exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1979. Then, the 'Golden Age of the Pharaohs' in 2005-2007 to be continued in 2010-2011 with a venue in New York.

'Light Art' vs 'Light and Space' Art
'Light Art' can be recognized as far back as the Medieval period with stained glass, whereas the 'Light and Space' art movement hails from the 1960s. I’ll discuss artists who bring art to life through light.

'Paint by Number',‘Paint Bar’,‘Beer & Crayons’
If you are a baby boomer, you may recall one of the hottest phenomena of the 1950s – 'Paint by Number' kits. Today, it is vogue to attend a 'Paint and Drink' party. I’ll explain how you (and a country music singer) can express 'the artist within'.

'Painters in Paris' at Metropolitan Museum
An exhibition in 2000 showcasing artists working in Paris (1895-1950). I will discuss some of the artists whose work was shown. Namely, Picasso, Matisse, Rousseau, Modigliani, and Balthus.

'The Taking of Christ '- One Lost Painting
The re-discovery of the painting 'The Taking of Christ' by the Baroque Old Master artist Caravaggio has precipitated a book 'The Lost Painting - The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece' by Jonathan Harr.

'Weary Herakles': Looters vs. Archaeologists
I discuss the issue of looters stealing art treasures vs. archaeologists who properly excavate priceless works of art. The case of 'Weary Herakles' is examined.

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