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Renoir Paints Dancing Couples - Not All Smiling
Renoir is best known as a French Impressionist artist who painted couples dancing and enjoying themselves. However, one model is portrayed as not fully smiling. The mystery behind the woman and her smile is revealed.

Repetiton in Art (Series) - Intent or Obsession
Repetition in art takes on different elements such as: mass production or working on multiple pieces until its creator is satisfied. I’ll discuss artists and art objects that fit into these criteria.

Restoration vs Conservation in Art
Art historians typically favor art conservation over restoration. Why? I will discuss the Sistine Chapel restoration project.

Review Camille Paglia 'Glittering Images' book
Author Camille Paglia is a respected social critic who is also in academia. In her latest book 'Glittering Images' she discusses themes in Western Art. I will share chapters 1-4 by discussing art that has influenced our world.

Review of: The Man Who Made Vermeers
Han van Meegeren began forging old masters in 1920. I feel his success was due to a ‘perfect storm' of events. I'll explain why.

Revisiting Ancient Egyptian Art : Sculpture
Naturally the story of Egyptian art includes hieroglyphics and statues in pharaohs' tombs. I will explain that there is much more to understanding this Near East culture.

Richard Estes – Painter of Photorealism
Like Chuck Close and Duane Hanson who emerged during the ‘60s and ‘70s, Richard Estes also used photography to help create his artwork.

Rio's Christ Statue Affected by Flooding
April 2010 brought heavy rains and landslides to the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro where travel to its iconic Christ the Redeemer statue has been halted.

Robert Indiana 's Love Sign Interpreted
I examine the LOVE sign by Robert Indiana, created in the 1960s. Was it symbolic of romantic love or was it intended to have another meaning?

Rodin ‘Eternal Spring’ & ‘Gates of Hell’
The name Auguste Rodin is synonymous with sculpture. His works in bronze and marble transcend times and cultures. I will discuss some of his most famous works and their ever changing titles.

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