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Are Museums Still Important or Obsolete?
Smartphones show us sharp images of art - at our fingertips – anywhere, anytime. So why would anyone travel to a museum, wait in line, and pay an admission fee? I’ll explain the changing world of museums.

Art & Entertainment:'Dancing With the Stars'
With the reality TV hit, "Dancing with the Stars," and the recent movie, "Let’s Dance," with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere, is ballroom dancing making a comeback?

Art and Art Books For Children
I have been asked by my readers which art books I would choose to introduce children to the world of art. I will discuss a book recommendation and a child's delight at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine.

Art Appreciation Site Merges with Art History
The art appreciation site has now merged with the art history site. As the editor of both sites I will continue to bring a wide diversity of subjects to my readers.

Art at Chicago World's Fair 1892-93
The World Columbian Exposition was hosted by Chicago to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World. This fair consisted of many exhibitions including fine art, architecture and decoration.

Art at Tate Britain – UK Museum
Tate Britain, home to British art from 1500 to present, does not disappoint. From my recent trip to London, I’ll share the best of the collection.

Art Collecting: Dogs - Passion or Obsession?
Art collecting can be seen as a frivolous pastime of the wealthy. Hobby enthusiasts can also enjoy it. A Massachusetts estate containing Bulldog collectibles will be presented for auction.

Art Collectors - Show Us the Money
In the financial/art world, yesterday’s millionaires are today’s billionaires. I’ll discuss international art collectors, the artists that take us to a space where art and science coexist, and share my dream list.

Art Expression : Poetry • Paintings • Music
Poetry & paintings have always had a relationship (consciously or not) - yet their comparison seems natural. I will discuss art that inspires poets, poetry that inspires artists (singer/songwriters included).

Art in Movies – Batman & Thomas Crown Affair
Many notable paintings can be seen in Hollywood movies such as the 'Batman' movie of 1989 and the remake of 'The Thomas Crown Affair' in 1999.

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