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Celebrity Art Collectors: Jolie, Pitt, Martin
If you have ever wondered what art your favorite celebrities purchase, I have focused on the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as well as comedian Steve Martin.

Chihuly – Handcrafted Glass Artist Extraordinaire
Dale Chihuly studied at RISD and hails from the Pacific Northwest. His exhibit of uniquely handcrafted colored glass at the MFA Boston redefines the term ‘arts and crafts’.

City Center, Las Vegas Boasts $40 M Art Collection
Considered the largest corporate art program in the world, ARIA at City Center in Las Vegas is slated to open in 2010.

Claude Monet – Impression: Sunrise
Monet's painting 'Impression: Sunrise' gave the Impressionist movement its name in the 1874 exhibition catalogue. I’ll discuss sunrises that impressed Monet’s contemporaries.

Claude Monet Fascinated by Trains & Stations
Claude Monet may be the most recognizable artist who painted series including water lilies and train stations. I’ll discuss his fascination by train stations (la gare) and why he chose them.

Color Theory Popularized by Seurat before Hirst
Georges Seurat was a Post Impressionist artist who studied color theory and originated Pointillism, a systematic approach to applying multiple dots to a canvas. Just a century later, British artist Damien Hirst would create his ‘spot’ paintings. I’ll discuss their similarities and differences.

Conspicuous Isolation in Edward Hopper’s Paintings
In many of Edward Hopper’s paintings, the subjects (people or locations) are intentionally isolated. Why did the artist use this as his theme and claim to fame?

Contemporary Artists - Wanted Dead or Alive
You might think this a paradox - as 'contemporary' constitutes 'today'; au contraire, curators have been displaying work by living contemporary artists alongside their dead comrades. I’ll examine the possible reasons.

Contemporary Artists Koons & Perucchetti
Jeff Koons has become a household name – best known for 'Balloon Dog' and other animal figures. Mauro Perucchetti is an Italian born artist who created the 'Jelly Baby' series and addresses social and political issues. I’ll discuss works by both Pop artists.

Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture in NYC
Public art is bountiful in New York City where the art scene flourishes. I’ll discuss some familiar and maybe not so familiar works of outdoor permanent & temporary sculpture in the 'city that never sleeps.'

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