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Free iTunes Apps for Asthma Management
Apple iTunes offers a couple of free apps that can help you to better manage your asthma and remind you when to take your asthma medication. Read on to learn how these apps can help manage your asthma!

Free National Asthma and Allergy Screening
Take advantage of the national free asthma and nasal allergy screening done by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology! Find out what happens during a screening and where you can find a screening location near you!

General Anesthesia and Asthma
General anesthesia presents some risks for asthma patients. Read on to learn how general anesthesia effects asthma, and learn about guidelines for safe use of general anesthesia for asthmatics.

Get Ready for Fall Allergies and Asthma
Fall allergies and asthma can make you miserable. Learn what steps you can take to help yourself and your kids feel better and enjoy the fall season!

Ginger and Asthma
Did you know ginger may help asthma? Read more to learn about ginger and its effects on asthma.

Glossary of Lung Terms
It's important to learn the proper terminology used by your doctor and health care provider. Here's a glossary of basic lung terms to help with your asthma self-education.

Halloween Asthma Safety Tips
Halloween is a fun time of the year, but it can be dangerous for asthmatic kids. Learn about the most common Halloween asthma triggers and precautions you can take to keep your little ghouls and goblins safe!

Halotherapy for Asthma
Have you heard about halotherapy for asthma? Learn more about this alternative treatment and how it may help asthma patients.

Heat Waves and Asthma
Learn why summer heat waves are bad for asthma and how to keep your asthma stable during heat waves and bad air quality days.

High Altitude and Asthma
Are you considering a trip to a destination at higher altitudes than where you live? Higher altitudes can effect asthma. Learn what conditions are different at high altitudes and how to prepare and stay safe on your high altitude trek.

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