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Initials from BAD to WOW
How to avoid negative initials (like DIE, PIG & MUD) and find positive ones (like GEM, TOP & LUV).

Introducing the Baby Names Newsletter
Interested in receiving a free weekly baby names newsletter?

Irish Baby Names
Looking for an Irish name? Here's a place to start brainstorming...

Isabella, Isabel, Isabelle - Girl Names
Where does the most popular name in the nation come from?

Italian Baby Names
Have you always wanted an Italian name for your baby?

Jacob and James - Baby Names
They're two different names, but they share the same origin.

Jayden - Baby Name
Will the unofficial #1 name in the U.S. ever reach the top?

Jennifer - Girl Name
The girl name that dominated the '70s and half of the '80s.

Jessica - Girl Name
One of the most popular girl names of the 20th century.

Jett - Baby Name
An inconspicuous nature name with modern associations.

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