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Old Fashioned Girl Names
Want an old-fashioned name that sounds fashionable, but isn't extremely trendy? Here are dozens of ideas!

Olivia - Girl Name
The third most popular baby name in the nation.

One Syllable Boy Names
Simple, concise male names for your baby boy.

One Syllable Girl Names
Simple, concise female names for your baby girl.

One-Handed Baby Names
Ever wonder which names can be typed out with just one hand on a computer keyboard?

Palindrome Baby Names
Do you value symmetry and balance? If so, check out these palindromic baby names!

Piper - Baby Name
A name that's become quite trendy, thanks to a certain TV witch...

Place Names as Baby Names
The place to look for place-inspired baby names!

Popular Baby Boy Names of 2008
Was Jacob able to retain the top spot in 2008? Read on to find out!

Popular Baby Boy Names of 2009
The most popular baby boy names of 2009 are...

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