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Slavic Baby Names for Girls
Female names from Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Macedonian.

Sophia, Sofia, Sophie, Sofie - Girl Names
A family of names that has become popular worldwide.

Stella, Estella, Estelle - Baby Names
A family of star-names!

Surname Baby Names
Like the sound of surnames as first names? You're not alone!

Take a Vacation from Baby Names
Getting away from names for a while might actually help you find the one you're looking for.

Thanksgiving Baby Names
Is your baby due near Thanksgiving?

The Rhythm of Your Baby's Name
How can poetic meter help you name your baby?

Tree Names as Baby Names
Looking for an arboreal baby name like Willow, Aspen, or Cedar?

Trilby - Baby Name
Invented for a novel, this name traveled from the pages of Harper's to birth certificates across the nation back in the 1890s.

Unisex Baby Names
Alexis, Amari, Angel, Avery: Introducing the next generation of dual-gender baby names

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