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Islam and the Bahá'í Faith
Many Western textbooks on comparative religions place the Bahá'í Faith as a sect of Islam. Similar thinking would make Christianity merely a sect of Judaism.

Joy and Laughter
The importance of laughter and how to use it for better spiritual and physical health.

Kindness - Science Agrees with Religion
Kindness is a virtue common to many religious and philosophical teaching. Now it has scientific support for not only individual health, but also--Bahá'ís say-- for developing a healthy and peaceful world.

Life after Death
Religion has throughout history assured mankind that there was more to life than just this physical world. The Bahá'í Faith teaches that there is no death because true human nature is immortal spirit.

Life Dice Game - Review
A review of the Life Dice, from I wish I'd had this available when I was raising children!

Listen, God? We have to talk...
Questions and investigation of Truth are an integral part of Bahá'í theology. Finding the answers that work in today's world is important to followers of Bahá'u'lláh.

Local Spiritual Assemblies
April 21st, the first day of the twelve-day Ridván celebration, marks the election of local Spiritual Assemblies, the administrative roots the Baha'i Faith.

Lost Civilizations, or, How Old Is Creation ?
What do the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith have to say about ancient civilizations and the age of the Universe?

Love One Another
This age old divine command is reiterated in the Bahá'í Faith, as the only way to a peaceful world. But how does one go about achieving that goal when surrounded by other members of the human race?

Make Things Better : Visit
Want to do something right now, this moment, which will make a difference in your life? In the life of someone else? Of the neighborhood, the city, the country, the world?

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