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Calamity to Me
A more personal take on how the Bahá'í Faith views calamities, and how one Bahá'í deals.

Can Religion Help Addiction ?
Evidence is mounting that addictions are not a linear connection from chemicals to behavior, and that emotional and psychological isolation play important roles. What if the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but human connection? What then?

Can Religion Provide Hope for a Global Ethic ?
Book Review - "Hope for a Global Ethic: Shared Principles in Religious Scriptures," Brian D. Lepard; Bahá'í Publishing 2005

Characteristics of a Bahá'í Community
What does a Bahá'í community look and act like? What are the congregational goals and behaviors of Bahá'ís as a group?

Christmas Musing
Musing on how to answer the question, "Don't I believe in Jesus Christ?" People mean different things when they ask this.

Coloring - Tool For Meditation
Review of three new coloring books from Special Done with mindfulness, according to the authors, coloring can be good for mind, body and spirit!

Coming of Age in the Bahá'í Faith
What sort of religious ceremonies are used for transitioning to adult believers, like confirmation within some Christian sects? Is there a Bahá'í culture that defines child, youth and adult?

Consent for Bahá'í Marriage
For Bahá'ís, marriage has greater importance than just the personal happiness of two people, as it forms part of the process of building a better world.

Consultation - The Key to Problem Solving
Baha'is believe that mankind has been directed to use consultation in matters great and small as the primary means of building a better world and a happier, more productive personal life. But what exactly is their definition of consultation?

Created Rich - Book Review
Patrick Barker's landmark book on how spiritual attitudes and material means work together to achieve prosperity--not only for individuals, but also for mankind as a whole.

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