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Bahá'ís believe that creativity is a gift from God available to anyone.

Day of the Covenant - Bahá'í Holy Day
The Day of the Covenant was chosen by 'Abdu'l-Bahá to commemorate a first in religious history: a clearly delineated change of leadership that would prevent successful schism.

Dealing with Grief
Some of the resources we are using to cope with the loss our youngest grandchild this past week. Most important is that we aren't alone in this process.

Dealing with Injustice
What, exactly and usefully, can be done as an individual facing impossibly large as well as personal small issues? The answer must deal with both the problems and the individual's response to them.

Dealing with Regrets
Religion, philosophers, and wise teachers have consistently told the world that the beauty of life exists in the unfolding of it, so wallowing in regret and guilt is wasting precious time.

Dealing with Stress as a Bahá'í
Life is stressful, and here's how I'm trying to deal with it, with a little help from my friends and the Bahá'í Faith.

Detachment - Learning to Let Go
The Bahá'í Faith teaches detachment from material things as a source of happiness, but it also counsels freeing oneself from worldly motives and self-interest when dealing with others.

Discipline - Raising Children to Be Good Citizens
The concept of discipline means strength of character, not a form of punishment.

Divine Springtime
Spring is the time for renewal in all things, including religion. A Divine Springtime occurs when God sends another Messenger to further the spiritual education of mankind.

Do Bahá'ís Believe in Evil Spirits ?
The terms 'Satan', the 'Evil One', do occur in the scripture but they are simply symbols for man's base and worldly nature, which is the source of imperfection and sin and which can be overcome.

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