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Start your Own Lawn Care Business
There are many good things about starting your own lawn service. The first is flexibility.

Start-Up Mentor Alex Genadinik
What does it really take to launch a start up? What can you learn from others who have done it? Jordan Mercedes launches a Start-Up Mentors series with interviews from business owners across various industries. They share their best advice on what they learned while starting their businesses.

Starting a Floral Design Business
If you have a passion for the petals this may be the business for you.

Stay within your
Quotes and thoughts on building a strong team.

Stop Cold Calling and Start Selling
Many of us learned that the only way to sell is to get out there and cold call one prospect at a time. For some this has worked, however, for others this system is time consuming with a disproportionate ROI.

Story Sell Your Way to Increased Profits
Grow your business by finding your story and sharing that story with those that you serve. It will increase your profits and create customer loyalty by turning buyers into friends.

Stretch Every Dollar As Far a You Can
When starting a new businssess, you can't avoid spending money, but you can make what you spend go a little further.

Sweet and Sour Marketing
When it comes to marketing everyone loves sweet and no one loves sour. Sweet is when your customers know the conversation is about them. They know it’s about them because you’ve done a really good job communicating that you care about their concerns.

Take Good Care of Yourself
This month the Business Owners site is taking time to focus on rest, relaxation and life balance. We all talk about it but it seems that there’s never enough time to do it.

Team Women Founder Karyn Fagan is Redesigning the Networking Experience
An interview with Team Women Founder, Karyn Fagan. Team Women is like having thirty successful, business women working for you every second of the day.

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