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Improv with Cards
Here is an easy way to get some creative juices flowing and help you practice thinking on your feet. The suggestions here are by no means the only suggestions possible. You are limited only by your imagination.

Incomplete Decks of Cards
Like socks in dryers, card decks usually end up less then when they started. Don't let it get you down. Here are some ideas for decks that are missing a few cards.

Kaluki is a version of Rummy that is played in many countries. It is spelled differently and played with variations in most of the countries. This is just one version of the game.

King Toad
A silly card game where kids try to get rid of all of their cards and become King Toad.

Klondike Solitaire
A look at the classic solitaire game called Klondike.

Magic 10 Card Trick
For this "trick" you will need one deck of cards, an assistant, and a guest to share your special brand of magic with. The 10 card and the layout play important parts.

Meeting or Party Games
New games to play at parties or to use as icebreakers for meetings.

Mille Bornes
A road race game that has been around for generations. This game would make a wonderful gift or a great game to play with family and friends.

New Moon Card Game Review
If you have teenagers, or maybe even if you are a fan yourself, the names Edward, Bella and Jacob are probably as familiar to you by now as your children's friends. This is a review of a Twilight based collectible card game based on the New Moon movie.

Old Maid
Remember the game, "Old Maid"? Here are the rules to refresh - your children or even your grandchildren might like to play the game with you.

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