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Car Dealer Sales Tactics
When you are buying a car at the dealership, don't get "closed!" How do you know if you're being closed ? Read on...

Car Pricing Sites Can Threaten Your Privacy
Be careful when giving your personal information to the big car pricing sites. Your privacy could be at risk. See how...

Car Pricing Sites Not Enough
Find out what the two most important things are that are missing from the big consumer auto sites on the web.

Car Safety, Defects and Recalls
How can you quickly tell if the car you're driving or plan to buy has had safety issues ? The government can help.

Car Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids
Car themed halloween costumes are a popular choice for kids with choices including NASCAR, Disney's Cars, Speed Racer, and many more.

Cars For the Disabled
Did you know that there is a vehicle that's made exclusively for those drivers with disabilities? Take a look at the American made MV-1 ...

Cars Newsletter
An introduction to the "Cars" Section Newsletter

Cash for Clunkers
Cash for Clunkers has been a success. If you're thinking of participating, don't wait.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars
What is a Certified Pre-Owned Car (CPO)and is it worth buying one?

Cheated By the Car Dealer
Have you ever been cheated or lied to by a car dealer? If they make you a promise, have them put it in writing. Here's why ...

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