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How do GPS Systems Work?
For those of us who are "direction challenged" when driving, GPS systems are a blessing. Here's how they work...

How does Antifreeze Work?
It’s almost winter and that means in areas of the world that experience the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) we need to insure that the radiators in our vehicles are filled with the proper amount of water and that fluorescent green or orange gooey liquid, anti-freeze.

How Does Cash Back Work When Buying A Car
Cash back! Car buyers love to hear that term when buying a new car. But what does it really mean and how should you use it? Take a look...

How Hybrid Cars Work
Hybrid Cars are here to stay so we all should have a basic understanding of how they work so lift up the hood and take a peak inside.

How Many Cars are Sold Each Year?
We always see advertisements on tv and hear them on the radio for selling cars at a local dealership. Ever wonder how many cars are sold each year in the US? The number may surprise you...

How to Beat Traffic Camera Tickets
Have you been the victim of an expensive traffic camera ticket? Want to know how to prevent them? Take a look...

How to Buy a Used Car
With the average cost of a new car close to $30,000, many consumers are opting for a used car. But, what steps should you take to buy with confidence? Follow this advice...

How to Choose a Tire
Do you know what you're buying when tire shopping ? Price is a factor but safety is important. Take a look to learn how to choose a tire that's right for your vehicle.

How to Deal with The Car Dealer
How many of you enjoy speaking to car salespeople, raise your hand? Feel like you're being intimidated ? You are, so here's how to take control!

How to Find Auto Recall Information
How to find the latest news on vehicle recalls and if the car you're driving has been recalled.

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