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Narnia - Turkish Delight
What is Turkish Delight? What role does it play The Chronicles of Narnia? Where does Edmund Pevensie find Turkish Delight in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?

Never Say a Mean Word Again - Book Review
How to neutralize an enemy? This is the question solved by the young boys in this story.

Night of Ninja #5
Today the Magic Tree House takes Jack and Annie back to ancient Japan and they end up in the cave of a ninja master.

Norma Jean- Jumping Bean – Book Review
Norma Jean is a kangaroo; she’s the best jumper ever. But she never stops jumping and sometimes it’s not fun to play with a jumping bean!

Not Enough Beds : A Christmas Alphabet Book
Not Enough Beds A Christmas Alphabet Book by Lisa Bullard. Christmas symbols enhance children's alphabet learning in Lisa Bullard's Not Enough Beds : A Christmas Alphabet Book. Christmas Books for Kids/Juvenile. Kids/Juvenile Alphabet Books.

Odie the Stray Kitten - Book Review
This is a delightful tale for everyone who loves kittens or has a soft spot for small, stray animals.

Odies Best Friend - Book Review
Bandit’s story takes us through a sad tale. In this story, Bandit is given to a little girl as a Christmas gift but when the family moves he is taken to a shelter and although surrounded by other cats he feels very much alone.

Old, New, Red, Blue! – Book Review
A Disney Pixar Cars “ready to read” Level 1 book to enjoy!

Olivia - Haunted Hotel – Book Review
It’s a cold and windy day. It’s getting dark and Olivia’s imagination is getting all fired up. She invites her friends into her newly created “hotel”.

Passport on a Plate - Book Review
Travel around the world with this tantalizing collection of easy-to-follow recipes. You can check out twelve different countries or regions of the world with traditional dishes from each.

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