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Too Safe for Strangers
In the book, Bobby and Mandee share information about bad strangers and how to be safe. Reading this book with your children, and learning the techniques in this book can foil an abduction attempt and save your child’s life.

Too Smart for Bullies
Bobbie and Mandee are the main characters in the book and are also a brother and sister. In the book, Bobby and Mandee share information about bad bullies and how to be ready and stay safe.

Tootle – Book Review
The village of Lower Trainswitch is where all the baby locomotives go to learn to be big locomotives. They try to call out the long, sad ToooOooot of the big locomotives, but can only do a little Tootle.

Tornadoes - Book Review
A Level 1 Scholastic Science Reader- Tornadoes are spinning storms than have very, very strong winds. Sometimes people call them Twisters. The people who study them are called Storm Chasers.

Tragic History of JA Internment Camps- Review
This book covers the tragic history of the Japanese-American in Internment Camps. It relates details about when and how they became prisoners in their own country.

Tudley Didn’t Know – Book Review
Tudley is a young, pond-loving, painted turtle who adopts other animals’ behaviors simply because he doesn’t know he can’t.

Tutus and Toe Shoes – Book Review
Twinkle Twirl’s dance school is now open. Learning to dance will be so much fun, by Pinky Pie is a bit afraid of the jumps.

Verdi - Book Review
A beautiful picture book about Verdi, a hatchling python. Verdi is always interrupting and always fidgeting and makes the other snakes nervous.

Volcanoes – Book Review
A Level 3 Scholastic Science Reader- see the volcano erupting and sending ash and molten lava into the air.

War Machines Warplanes - Book Review
Do you know what happened December 17, 1903? The Wright brothers took to the air in their aircraft at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

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