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Product Review - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Have you ever wondered if Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works? I will give you the skinny on how well it worked for me!

Product Review - Old English Wood Restorer
Product review of the Old English product that restores wood (either dark or lighter woods) to original beauty.

Product Review - Pledge Floor Cleaner
Product review of Pledge Floor Cleaner

Product Review - Quick Shine by Holloway House
Product Review of Quick Shine Floor Finish

Product Review - RAISE Armpit Stain Remover
Product Review of the product RAISE Arm pit stain remover.

Product Review - Windex Electronic Wipes
An honest review of the Windex Electronic Wipes. These wipes are meant for cleaning all types of electronic surfaces.

Product Review - ZEP Commercial Floor Cleaner
This is a product review of the commercial floor cleaner ZEP for Hardwood and Laminate floors.

Product Review : The Dyson Vacuum
Ever wondered what all the hullabaloo is on the DYSON Vacuum is all about? In this product review I am going to list out features and benefits and dole out my own opinion on the DC14 All-Floor model.

Quarterly Cleaning and Storing
This article is all about cleaning when you do major food shopping every quarter. For big families this can be a time saver and a money saver. Read on for the how's and what's of our family's system.

Quick Cleaning for a Party
Here are a ten suggestions for what to clean when you have company coming and you are pressed for time:

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