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Godiva Chocolate Vodka Recipes
These four Godiva Chocolate Vodka recipes are the perfect way to celebrate National Chocolate Lovers Month - today and every delicious day of the month!

Golden Start, Jade, Ruby Cocktail Recipes
These Golden Start, Jade, and Ruby cocktails are as lusciously rich in flavor as they are in looks. For added fun, serve them in the prettiest glasses possible.

Hangover Heaven
Feel like living hell, your breath smells like death, and your hair hurts with every step you take? There’s a Vegas doctor who can fix all that. Hangover specialist, Dr. Jason Burke, says he cures about 95% of all hangovers after just one short ride on his magic bus called Hangover Heaven.

Hot Cocktails for Cold Nights
Brrrr! It’s sure cold outside lately. What to do in times like these? Enjoy hot cocktails till the snow melts. Think Anti-Freeze, Hot Toddy, Mexican Coffee - all excellent hot cocktails for cold nights wherever you are.

How Much Is A Measure?
Cocktail recipes often call for a measure or two. Or half a measure. How much is a measure, anyway?

Ice Cream Drink Recipes
July is a month of high celebration for ice cream lovers everywhere - it’s National Ice Cream Month! Here’s the whole scoop and some ice cream drink recipes sure to go down with a long, smooth, satisfying finish. Mmmmm, cool.

Irish Coffee Recipe
One of the most popular things to do with good Irish whiskey is to add some hot coffee and top it with cool cream. That’s the basic Irish Coffee recipe, yes, but there are lots of ways to add a little “color” to the brew. Here’s my favorite Irish Coffee recipe.

Leap Year Cocktail Recipe
What better way to celebrate the one day of the year that comes around only once in every four years than with a cocktail created especially for the occasion - Leap Year! Chill those cocktail glasses, fill the cocktail shaker with ice, and party like it’s February 29!

Like Water For Chocolate - Book Review
The story of Tita, her family, and their tempestuous life on a ranch near the US/Mexico border is as captivating for its tales of forbidden love and dysfunctional family as it is for its magic and mysticism - Like Water for Chocolate is a timeless read I always look forward to!

Maker’s Mark Whiskey Waffles
Biggest news in booze these days is how the maker of Maker’s Mark whiskey waffles between its 90-proof hooch and its poorly planned effort to stretch production of a good thing by lowering the proof to a mere 84. One day, it's 90 proof, the next it’s 84, and then 90 again. Why all the waffling?

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