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Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe
In little more than two weeks, the most famous horse race in the United States will get underway - the Kentucky Derby! Enjoy this trifecta of Mint Julep cocktail recipes to sip at your own Run for the Roses soiree.

More Celtic Cocktail Recipes
Here are more Celtic cocktail recipes that are perfect for a Celtic wedding theme and an Irish toast or two! They're even pretty tasty if your not getting married any time soon.

Nightclub & Bar 2011 Convention and Trade Show
When professionals from the liquor industry want to come together to discuss, share, and otherwise celebrate all things booze, where do they go? Well, this year, they’re going to VEGAS! The Nightclub & Bar 2011 Convention and Trade Show, in Las Vegas this year, is on March 7, 8, and 9.

Party Every Month
Find at least one reason to party every month and get some ideas for customizing your cocktails menu

Perfect Lady Cocktail Recipe for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is just days away. Blend up this frothy, festive Perfect Lady cocktail to show Mom what a peach she is! Gin, peach brandy, fresh peaches, sugar-frosted rims - it’s all right here, in the Perfect Lady cocktail recipe for Mother’s Day. Perfect!

Pink Squirrel Cocktail Recipe
What's pink, creamy, and tastes like chocolate and nuts? It's the Pink Squirrel cocktail! Light on booze but big on flavor, this liqueur-based frozen drink has been a big hit with the ladies for decades. It's even made with ice cream!!

Place Changes Taste of Whisky
Ever discover a delicious new cocktail on vacation, at a party, or at some other festive or exotic event? Ever tried to re-create it at home? Didn’t work quite so well, did it? That could be because of location, according to Charles Spence and his fellow research scientists at Oxford University.

Playboy's New Host & Bar Book - Book Review
I wonder how different my life would be today if I hadn’t gotten Playboy’s New Host & Bar Book in 1979. This book never led me to a Bunny suit but it sure did make entertaining look inviting. I quickly fled my office job and began a 30-year career in the hospitality business.

Proof on Liquor Labels
Ever wonder what the proof on liquor labels is all about? What does it prove? Is the British Royal Navy involved? Gunpowder?? Mysteries revealed here . . .

Robin Worley Boozey Bat Contest, Austin, Texas
Robin Worley, liquor merchandising artiste extraordinaire, has been setting up eye-popping displays more years than I’m at liberty to disclose. See what ghoulish fun she's having this Halloween in the "Bat Capital of the World." If you’re the first person to locate this bat, I’ll give you $31.

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