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Nox Walkthrough
Nox Walkthrough, for people who want help with Nox!

October 02 Gaming Site of the Month
Part of the fun of The Sims is being able to customize your Sims in any outfits you want, with a wide variety of household decorations. Look at these items from Glamour Sim!

Once Upon a Knight
I really wanted Once Upon a Knight to be a great game. I love RPGs and I love strategy games. This seemed like the perfect combination of genres, with cow-humor too! Unfortunately, it fell short.

Online Gamer Reimbursed for Virtual Theft
A gamer in China spent over $1,000 in 2 years to pay for his online gaming fun, building up a collection of virtual items in the process. When a hacker stole his account and his stuff, the gamer sued and won.

Online Gaming means ... NeoPets!
It started as sort of a kid´s fad. Little cute-graphic creatures with cute designs and appealing attitudes.

Optimizing your PC for Computer Games
With just a few simple steps, your computer could run MUCH more quickly - and play your favorite games with much more ease. You might be able to kick the graphics level up a notch or two!

PAYDAY : The Heist
A team-based game focused on high crime, "PAYDAY: The Heist" delivers exactly what it says on the tin with a reasonable amount of competence.

PC Gamer
PC Gamer - having absorbed rival PC Games back in 1999 - is one of the only magazines left focusing on the PC gaming world. The monthly issue covers RPGs, MMORPGs, strategy games, hardware, accessories, and more.

Planescape : Torment
Considered one of the most well-written games of all time by most reviewers, Planescape: Torment is now available for download through GameTap. With this, it is possible for people on newer computers to run this old, but beloved, game.

Planescape Torment
I've role-played since the 70s, and have probably played every RP game that's come out since that date, including recent reviews for My first assumption was that Planescape would be a knock-off of Baldur's Gate, and be fun but not unique.

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