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Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45
"Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45" is an "accessibly realistic" World War 2 game centered around the Eastern Front between Germany and the USSR.

Reign : Conflict of Nations
A large-scale strategy game akin to the Total War series or Paradox Interactive's games, "Reign: Conflict of Nations" presents some beautiful design but is ultimately lacking in both substance and playability.

Resident Evil 6 - PC Game Review
An attempt to combine the gameplay of several previous RE games, Resident Evil 6 ends up delivering an overall subpar experience.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Most FPS fans cut their teeth on Castle Wolfenstein back so many years ago. At the time it seemed amazing to be able to walk around in a ´virtual world´. This time around, the graphics still are what impress.

Reus - PC Game Review
A two-dimensional god game, Reus is a game about creating a thriving planet with the help of four elemental giants.

Rise of Nations
The latest release in the Age of Empires line is Rise of Nations, also created by Microsoft. The graphics are better, there are more units, and there's a bit of Civilization and Pharoh thrown in.

Rise of Nations - Rise of Legends
In Rise of Legends, you play through strategy fights in a world full of robots, magic and guns. It's an odd mix of Renaissance Europe with mech warriors.

Riven - Sequel to Myst
I was a huge fan of Myst. How did the sequel compare with the original? While the graphics were slightly better, the puzzles suffered.

Rogue Legacy - PC Game Review
A super-difficult dungeon-crawling action game, Rogue Legacy offers a twist on the usual lives system - when a character dies, they are instead replaced by a descendant.

Rogue Trooper
An adaptation of the comic of the same name, "Rogue Trooper" takes the futuristic setting and characters of the comic world and transfers them into a playable form.

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