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Sensorineural Hearing loss
Sensorineural hearing loss the most common cause of hearing loss and is the age related cause of deafness. What is this condition and what are the treatments?

Should you upgrade your implant processor?
Cochlear (and probably all other cochlea implant manufacturers) promise backwards compatibility for all implantees, whenever new technology implants and processors are released. Should you upgrade?

Sign Language Interpreters
If you are a hearing person, sign language probably doesn't rate top of mind. To become an interpreter you need to be able to hear as well as know sign language. So I wondered who becomes a sign language interpreter and why?

Silent Mornings
I read a blog recently, from someone who went suddenly deaf. He talked about having just had a root canal filling - in silence. And this got me thinking. So many sounds elude me in the mornings.

Single-sided deafness
We have so many built in redundancies in our bodies that we can get by even if we only have one of something – one eye, one ear, one kidney. Single-sided deafness - well we can live with it but it does require adjustments and compromises.

Social bluffing by the deaf
What is social bluffing? It simply means we make out we’ve heard. We sit in a group with a polite smile fixed on our face and smile. It’s the ‘I hope I’m smiling the right smile for this conversation’ smile.

Social Networking and deafness
It’s quite amazing how far social networking has come and how it is helping people like me who have lost their hearing.

Some famous hard of hearing people
famous hard of hearing people, famous deaf people, famous deaf musicians, famous deaf politicians

Some people can't hear music
Some people don’t like musica at all because it makes no sense and is unpleasant. Others can’t recognise a beat, while others simply can’t recognise a melody or sing in tune.

Sound pitches through a Cochlear Implant
We cochlear implantees often get told we are hearing at a high pitch, that the sound is robotic and metallic and I get quite frustrated about this myth. I wondered if it was just me or do others feel the same way.

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