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Mini Dolls Pants Outfit Sewing Instructions
Sewing instructions for making a pants outfit for your 6 inch to 8 inch mini dolls.

Mini Dolls Pants Outfit Pattern
Pattern pieces to make a pants outfit for your 6.5 inch (16.25cm) to 8 inch (20cm) mini dolls.

More 18 Inch Dolls
Here are two more possibilities for buying an 18 inch doll on a budget.

More Recycled Dolls
Well, I'm at it again. It seems, when you are known as a maker and collector of dolls, that forgotten, unwanted dolls just somehow find their way to you.

Moving With Your Dolls
This article was inspired by my fourth house move in the last four years. I've got it down to a science now, because no matter where I live, I have to have my dolls near me.

My New Doll Collection
A young co-worker of mine wondered if I would be interested in giving her collection of porcelain dolls a loving home!

My Oldest Dolls
As the title states, in this article I am sharing with you my very oldest dolls. I'm not sure whether that makes them "vintage" or "antique" but they are almost as old as I am!

My Search for the Right Doll
For the last several months the topic that is searched for most frequently on the Doll Making Site, here at BellaOnline, is definitely the Bitty Baby doll from American Girl. But I didn't have one. This is the story of my search for the perfect one.

Nightgown for Tiny Dolls
Here is a cute nightgown for tiny six inch to 8 inch dolls. This is for the type of small doll that can be purchased very inexpensively at any craft store.

Non-essential Doll Equipment
As I looked at my doll collection it occurred to me that I have a lot of equipment for them that isn't specifically intended for dolls. My family is used to this and accepts it as part of my "eccentricities" and doesn't question. But I was wondering how many of you also have such a collection.

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