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Berenguer First Yawn Baby Doll - Review
I just love this little doll, I new I would, but he is everything I hoped he would be and then some.

Bitty Baby Party Dress - Instructions
Here are sewing instructions to make a party dress for Bitty Baby dolls; it will also fit 15 to 18 inch cloth dolls such as Annie and Madeline.

Bloomers For American Girl type Dolls
In this article I give the measurements for my "new" doll and start to make a new pair of bloomers for her.

Blushing and Shading Your Reborn Doll
We're starting to add some of the details that make reborn dolls so very lifelike.

Bonnet and Apron for 21 inch Lalena Doll
An easy-to-make apron and bonnet for the 21 inch Lalena Doll.

Breast Feeding Doll
Last week, while watching television, I saw a short news item about a doll that mimics breast feeding. Any mention about dolls on television always makes my ears perk up, so I watched the story and was very interested in hearing about The Breast Milk Baby.

Bunny Doll Lessons
This bunny is small and easy to make. If you have some spring or pastel fabric in your stash, you can make it up in a few hours and have the perfect gift or Easter basket addition in time for the big day.

Bunny Doll Pattern
I hope you have a list of people, both young and young at heart, who would like to receive a bunny doll this Spring. They make great additions to a child's Easter basket or are a lovely gift all on their own.

Bunny Doll Sewing Instructions
Here are sewing instructions for our new bunny doll.

Buying Dolls
This past week I happened to be in a few department stores and, of course, I always go to the toy department and browse the doll aisles. To say the least, the selection on the shelves is disappointing.

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