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Crocheted Summer Dress for Ginnie
Heere are instructions to crochet a dress for 7 to 8 inch dolls.

Crocheted Vest for 18 Inch Dolls
This crocheted vest is a companion to the crocheted skirt for 18 inch dolls. It requires a very small amount of yarn and is a great way to use up a little yarn you may have left from another project.

Cultivating Your Creative Life - Book Review
Cultivating Your Creative Life has value for all creative people, no matter what your chosen art form is.

Decorating With Dolls
I've been decorating my space with dolls as long as I can remember.

Doll Body Measurements
These measurements are for 5 types of doll bodies. I have added measurements for my 11 1/2 inch fashion doll.

Doll Buying Etiquette
I am resolved to be nicer than I need to be, to all I meet this year, due in large part to my recent experience selling dolls and toys at Christmas.

Doll Memo Pad
This article is about an adorable doll that hangs on the wall in my doll making studio. It would also be perfect for a kitchen or office wall as well. It is the perfect way for doll lovers to stay organized and its such fun to look at.

Doll Shop Review
I visited a doll shop, this week that is an absolute delight for doll lovers.

Doll Studio Wall Decor
Here is a cute idea for decorating your doll studio.

Doll Therapy
For those of us who love and collect dolls, the title of this article needs no explanation, but there are other ways that dolls can be therapeutic.

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