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Respecting Children's Bodies
A basic understanding of the effect of breastfeeding on fertility.

Safe Sunscreen for Kids
Tips on choosing safe and effective sunscreen for kids, and a link to a great database and resource for more information.

Saving Children's Art
From their first treasured scribbles, kids produce vast amounts of art. It just feels wrong to throw it out, but you can't keep it all forever. So what's a parent to do with kids' art?

Should Children Open Gifts at Birthday Parties
Trying to decide if your child should open gifts at his or her party? Tips and advice on how to decide.

Should Children Use E-mail
As computers and the internet become more and more a part of everyday life, children are becoming aware of electronic communications at ever-younger ages. At what age should children have their own e-mail account, and how should the use of that account be managed?

Should I Buy a Baby Monitor
A baby monitor is one of the more expensive baby items on a registry. Some believe they are not necessary. So should you buy a baby monitor?

Should My Child Be a Scout?
Have you been considering Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts for your child? Here's my experience with my daughter's first year of Daisy Scouts and my thoughts on the value of such a group and some thoughts to consider when deciding if scouts is a fit for your family.

Should Young Children Have Bedtimes?
There is often controversy over whether young children should have regular and/or early bedtimes. Here's some issues to consider in deciding what works for your child and your family need.

Sleepover Party Tips - Movies
Movies are a great way to help kids fall asleep at a sleepover party without fighting and fidgeting!

Speak Up and Get Along -- Book Review
A review of Scott Cooper's social guide for children, "Speak Up and Get Along" by Free Spirit Publishing.

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