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Top Three Signs to Teach Your Baby or Child
Top three words to introduce a baby when teaching how to sign.

Treating Fever in Young Children
Fevers can be scary in young children, especially for new parents. Parents must decide if a fever should be treated or left to run its course, and if and when a child should visit the doctor. If treating the fever, there are a range of drug, non-drug and alternative treatments available.

Treating Head Lice - Natural and Non-Toxic Options
For parents wishing to avoid chemical insecticides when treating lice, here is some information on natural and non-toxic treatment options, as well as my personal recommendations on products that have worked for us when treating lice naturally,

Treating Head Lice - Traditional Remedies
Traditional treatment for lice involves application of a chemical insecticide to the scalp and hair to kill live lice and nits, followed by manual removal of nits stuck to hair shafts. Information on lice, and traditional treatment options and concerns.

Types of Children's Birthday Parties
What are some options for children's birthday parties and how do you decide what is right for your family and child?

Typical Behavior Milestones
Parents often worry about their child's development. Advice, resources and perspectives on evaluating children's typical behavior milestones and development.

Using a Jog Stroller
Considering a jog stroller? See why I became a convert to this great parent aid for walking trips or local exercise. Benefits and caveats of jog strollers and options to consider.

Using Child Leashes
Considering using a safety harness or leash with your child. Here's my perspective on the child leash debate and my guidelines on their use.

Using Time-Outs with Young Children
Time-outs are an extremely common discipline tool to deal with unwanted behavior in children. The purpose of time-outs is to stop, and sometimes to punish, the behavior so that it won't happen again. Do time-outs work, and if not, what are the alternatives?

Valuing Motherhood - Performing “Working”
Lessons from an 70s musical, "Working" inform modern thinking on valuing motherhood as I have the honor of reviving Kate Rushton on stage with her song, "Just a Housewife."

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