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Control-It Nail Biting System Review
My daughter and I tried Control-It Nail Biting Cream to kick her new nail biting habit and my 30-year one. A review of the product and an account of our experiences.

Disciplining Other People's Children
Here's some thoughts on those times when you may find yourself wanting or needing to intervene in the behavior of another person's child on the playground or other place. Specifically addresses physical or verbal hurting, unsafe behavior and inappropriate behavior.

Discussing Christmas with Jewish Children
Jewish children often find the Christmas season challenging as they struggle to understand what if any role Christmas and all its traditions plays in their lives and their holidays.

Disney Family Fun Magazine Review
I recently read the first two magazines in my subscription to Disney Family Fun Magazine, and was frankly surprised by how much I enjoyed them. Family Fun targets families, essentially moms, with children under 12 and features crafts, cooking ideas, activities and strategies for family life.

Disneyland with Kids - Top Tips
Disneyland is a great place to visit with young children. We are big fans and have taken both our girls frequently since before they were one year old. Here are some tips to make the trip more enjoyable for both the kids *and* the parents.

Do-It-Yourself Children's Halloween Costumes
Four simple ideas for boys and girls Halloween costumes you can make yourself.

Easy Diaper Changes for Toddlers
Diaper changes can be a major source of struggle between toddlers and parents. Involving your toddler in their diapering can be a great strategy -- here's some ideas to make diaper changes easier and build your relationship and their independence at the same time.

Eating Out With Kids - Tips and Tricks
Having kids does not have to mean an 18 year moratorium on eating out. With some planning and ingenuity families can eat out without going broke or insane.

Extreme Parenting
Some parenting choices may seem extreme, such as a video posted by a man in February 2012 shooting his daughter's laptop. But looking at the issues surrounding examples of extreme parenting, and finding common ground, despite differing parenting approaches, can help us examine our own choices.

Four Easy Diet Changes for Kids
Many parents want to improve their children’s diets, but don’t know where to begin. Here are four easy changes you can make today that can start kids down a path towards better nutrition.

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