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Making Routine Care Count
Routine care tasks, feeding, bathing, diapering/pottying and sleep rituals, comprise a huge part of the time we spend with our kids. Here's some thoughts on making routine care count, and turning these activities into quality time.

Managing Tantrums - Big Feelings
Before trying to address the cause of a tantrum, a focus on communication will help children to gain control of big feelings and find a more effective way to express those feelings.

Managing Tantrums - First Steps
The first step of managing public tantrums is assessing location. Only then can parents focus on changing the communication and moving towards addressing the cause of the tantrum.

Managing Tantrums - Focus on Communication
There are two discrete issues in every tantrum – the cause of the tantrum, and the problem of the tantrum itself. Before you (or your child) can deal with the former, you have to move away from the latter.

Melanie Ann White - Music for Children
Melanie Ann White, my daughter's music teacher, offers outstanding music for children. If you have children, or know someone who does, consider giving them the gift of Melanie's music.

Melody Harp -- Child Gift Idea
The Melody Harp is an absolutely fantastic gift for a young child who wants to instantly create recognizable music in the home. Great for children from about age 4-5 or up.

Modeling Manners and Courtesy for Young Children
Modeling good manners and courtesy is the most important way to teach our children these important life skills.

Mother Daughter Tea Party
A visit to a tea garden or tea parlor can be a great way to spend some quality mother-daughter time for children around age 5 and up.

MyFitnessPal – Weight Loss for Moms
The iPhone/iPad app and website, MyFitnessPal (MyFitnessPal.com) offers a useful tool for mothers of young children to manage calorie intake for weight management. My husband and I have had success with this easy to use program.

National Park Service Junior Ranger Programs
The National Park Service Junior Ranger Programs are a great way to enhance both the fun and educational experience for families visiting U.S. National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites.

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