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Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins DVD - Review
Any child that wants a pet or has a pet should see the DVD; Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins - A Kid's Guide to Happy, Healthy Pets. It is jammed pack full of great information on responsibility, cost of pets, time it takes to take care of pets, and much more in a fun approach with music and dance.

101 Facts about Ferrets : Book Review
Book review: 101 Facts about Ferrets, a delightfully illustrated book full of interesting and useful information about ferrets and the care of ferrets.

20,000 Exotic Animals Seized
20,000 exotic animals confiscated from exotic pet wholesaler in Arlington Texas. Many of the animals were found dead or dying. If you see an animal being treated Inhumanely report it to the authorities. You can do so anonymously. If you have concerns contact me with the information.

Afterlife and Pets
Will we see our beloved pets again when we give up our physical bodies? I would like to think so. I think I have proof that we will. In reality, pets, and exotic pets have souls just as we do. There is scientific evidence and also confirmation in many revered books that prove animals have souls.

Alpha Male is a Fairytale
There is much training material based on untrue and obsolete research on wolves and the alpha male. We were wrong about the gerbil. What else are we doing wrong raising and training our exotic pet, dog, or cat. Learn how to properly raise and train any animal. They must be healthy, happy, and safe.

Animal Cruelty - Animal Abuse
I have an assignment for you. It should be quite interesting. April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month. What would it FEEL like to be treated with this intentional cruelty? Is there a such thing as unintentional cruelty? Animal abuse is just plain wrong!

Animal Hoarding - Animal Planet
Animal Planet is allegedly airing a new show "Confessions: Animal Hoarding." A post in the Exotic Pet forum and the subsequent comments that followed is the reason for today’s article. Please feel free to contribute your point of view and comments.

Animal Stories - Free Range or Caged - Exotic Pets
Should an exotic pet have free range or be caged? After having a rabbit in the dryer, a raccoon that called 911, or a rat on the roof. Rats shouldn't fly and there is a rumor that skunks don't climb. Enjoy the light hearted humor about a serious subject.

Animals as Gifts - Why Not?
Animals given as gifts is a much discussed topic. Can you give the gift of an animal for a holiday gift? A pet can make a good gift if it is done properly. This article will tell you exactly how and what! How do you feel about animals given as gifts?

Animals Teeth
All pets that have teeth, not just dogs and cats, can have problems with their teeth. The majority of animals do have problems with their teeth and this can lead to early disease and death.

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