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Miniature Horses
I could certainly wrap my mind around curling up with a miniature horse in front of the fireplace or television. I raised appaloosa horses for a number of years and dearly love horses. The miniature horse is often used as a guide horse or make good companion animals or exotic pets.

Miniature Pig - Help Save Hammy - Act Now!
Exotic pets breaking news! YOU can help save Hammy! Hammy is a potbellied pig. HELP There is a problem in CO where a pet potbellied pig who has lived his entire life of 14 yrs is being outsted for being over weight. He isn't health wise but by county code. We need people email and call asap.

Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig
Not every exotic pet is for everybody. While the Miniature Pot-Belly Pig is intelligent, cute, and sensitive they can also be stubborn and headstrong. How to care for your Miniature Pot Belly Pig.

Mongoose - Mongoose as a Pet
The mongoose can make a lovable pet if socialized from a kit. It is possible to find mongooses for sale and mongoose breeders. Many countries do not allow them as pets. Start by learning if they are legal in your country and then check local government laws. Learn about diet and vaccinations.

Monkey - Pet Monkeys
Exotic pet monkeys can be a huge commitment. The monkey can be impulsive, intelligent, and unpredictable. How to properly care for monkeys. Enjoy monkey pictures. Find monkey breeders that breed and sell everything from the spider monkey to the capuchin monkey. Find monkeys for sale.

Mute Swans - Cygnets Have Hatched
I promised to sit on the nest until the baby swans hatched. We drove to Woonsocket, SD just about every day when it got close to hatching time. We caught both the pen and the hob busily working on the nest when the cygnets began to hatch. The babies are beautiful!

My Favorite Exotic Pet
How many of you have asked me what my favorite exotic pet is. I am going to finally answer that question. What is the answer? Will it be a stick insect, snake, skunk, ferret, tiger, or raccoon. There is so many more pets to choose from.

My Ragdoll Cat has Died
My 12-year old ragdoll cat Squeaky has passed away. I will miss her a great deal. It took me a while to be able to write this article. My heart is broken. If I can help anyone to avoid this heartache I intend on doing so! Learn about the symptoms of chronic renal failure (CRF).

Never Disagree in Front of a Child or Exotic Pets
There is little difference in behavioral training; children or animals. One and foremost never disagree in front of the child or exitc pets.If you disagree do so in private never in front of a pet or child. These little critters understand much more than you could imagine.

New Exotic Pet Feature – Children’s Pet House
A new feature of Exotic Pets Bellaonline; Children’s Pet House, these articles are written exclusively for children. The first article gets the child ready for goldfish. We will have fun stories, science experiments, and exciting activities.

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