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New Line of Ferret Clothing
A wonderful new line of clothing for ferrets. The quality is exceptional, the materials are outstanding. This is a review on the Enlightened Ferret line of clothes. They are adorable! Come see for yourself! The nice thing is, ferret clothing fits several species of exotic pets!

New Pets
Before picking out new pets read the article. Buy animals is a very important decision. There is a lot to consider before buying new animals. Each individual pet has their own needs.

Ninja Turtles are not Pet Turtles
Soon kids found out that turtles didn’t like pizza as the Ninja Turtles did; they didn’t have super powers, and were terrible at martial arts. They just didn’t do anything like the Ninja Turtles did.

Off Label Drugs
Doctors prescribe off label use of medications many times a day. Just less than one quarter of all drugs prescribed is off label. Drug companies are not willing to pay for studies if the market doesn’t justify expenditures. Off label drugs for our pets?

Opossum - Possum - Pet Opossum
The pet opossum, also known as a pet possum, makes a delightful pet despite of their gruff exterior. Opossums like to growl and hiss but their really quite a gentle critter. Germany had the perfect possum ambassador, Heidi, a cross eyed opossum. Enjoy the videos and pictures.

Our Pet’s Passing They will Always be Remembered
If your child has lost their first pet or if you have lost your beloved pet, the time of their passing is painful. Here you will find product reviews and products such as mementos, beautiful urns, and books to help you cope.

Outside Exotic Pets
Many times we have exotic pets because they fascinate us – we simply enjoy them, get pleasure from watching them, benefit from observing them doing their “own thing.” There are many exotic pets you won’t find a book to learn to care for them, let alone how to keep them healthy, happy, and alive.

Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless
For safety concerns, you can keep an eye on your beloved pet. Or, if you are curious what they do when you are not around; this is the perfect little device. I love mine. We started with one to watch the ferrets, we got a second to keep track of our two-year old. They work better than a baby monitor

Patagonian Cavy - Patagonian Cavies
The Patagonian Cavy is probably one of the sweetest most gentle of pets you will find. The cavy is a highly social animal and are not a pet for a person that must be gone much of the time. Exotic pet Patagonian Cavies can be trained to use the litter box, leash trained, and more.

Pet Allergies
Are you or your children condemned to live the rest of your life without the love and companionship of a pet? There are solutions to the pet allergy problem. Learn when new articles such as this one is posted, subscribe to the Exotic Pets Newsletter! Discuss allergies at the Exotic Pet Forum!

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