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Animals That Save Lives
Again, this week we pay tribute to animals. Last week we honored animals that serve. This week we look at the many animals that save human lives. Through human history there have been so many animals that have saved lives, I doubt if there is a number to describe the many. Inspirational, enjoy!

Ant Farm - Ant Farms
A truly easy to care for pet, the exotic pet ant! The ant farm is a great way to encourage standards, principles, and life’s ethics. Ant farms are a gentle manner of introducing the concept of death and mortality. I frankly think children should experience an ant farm at least once in their lives.

Ant Shop
Yes an ant shop. This is how important I feel learning about ants is to children. Here you will find ant farms, ant terrarium, formicaries, formicarium, ant books, children's ant books, and other ant supplies. In addition, you will find a lot of information about ants and ant farms.

Armadillo - Armadillos - As Pets
Yes, many people have a pet armadillo. If you are considering armadillos as pets realize they have very special needs. The only species found in the United States is the Nine Banded armadillo. Learn to care for this exotic pet, find armadillo breeders and armadillos for sale.

Barometric Pressure Affect on Animals
Barometric pressure affects our pets, it affects us, it affects our fishing trips and whether we will have a successful fishing trip or not. Why does it cause agitation and distress in our exotic pets and pets? What specifically have you noticed and what have you done about it?

Bearded Dragon - Bearded Dragons Care
The bearded dragon has a naturally tranquil nature, and is one of the exotic pets choosen because of his or her personality. They are a beautiful lizard; each bearded dragon unique in appearance. They don’t grow as big as the iguana. This article covers information and care of the bearded dragon.

Bearded Dragon Care
Important information about the care of the bearded dragon. If you accidently fed one of these insects did you know you could kill your pet? Your bearded dragon needs to be kept in-between this temperature range otherwise they could starve even though you feed them - why?

Below ZERO Ready for No Electricity?
As the thermostat plunges way below zero I wonder how many people have thought about their pets if they should lose electrical power. Are you ready? Think clearly and concisely, if the electric went out right now for a few days will your pets survive? It is our responsibility to protect their lives.

Bird Shop - Large Parrots
Buying the perfect cages, playpens, play gyms, toys, training materials, and other miscellaneous necessities for your bird or parrot isn’t as easy as you think it would be. Some cages can be death traps, small items to ingest, bars spaced too far apart, and the bird can strangulate.

Bow to Me for I am the Domestic Skunk
I the domestic skunk; am back by popular demand – you can bow now, I want to introduce myself. I am a pet skunk. I am unique, I am very intelligent, and I can be stubborn. But, you will adore me. Ha! The eccentric for the eccentric!

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