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Primates - Monkey - Cages
How to build a primate habitat or a monkey cage. How to keep your monkey safe and secure.

Pygmy Goats - Pygmy Goat as a Pet
An pygmy goat is one of the most animated and gregarious pets you will ever have. Pygmy goats are sweet and affectionate and will certainly add to you and your family’s enjoyment of life. Baby (kid) picture available! The babies or kids will weigh from 2-4 pounds at birth. The pygmy goat as a pet.

Pygmy Jerboa as a Pet
Information and care on the pygmy jerboa. Video link for the pygmy jerboa, including a video on tiny baby pygmy jerboas. In addition, there are possible breeders and sellers of the pygmy jerboa. Pygmy Jerboa as a Pet.

Pygmy Marmosets - Pet Pygmy Marmosets
Imagine a tiny primate running through the trees, much like a squirrel, capable of jumping 16 feet, has very sharp teeth and claws, mainly eats gums and resins; some people have Pygmy Marmosets as pets! There are Pygmy Marmoset breeders in the United States. How to care for the Pet Pygmy Marmoset.

Rabbit Supplies
Learning about a new exotic pet and everything an exotic pet needs isn’t an easy task. I have put together the basic necessities of what a rabbit will need. Don’t skimp on the rabbit cage, they need the space. Stay away from the rabbit pellets that commercial rabbit breeder’s use.

Rabbits - Pet Rabbits
Nothing much beats the feeling of a wiggly nose in the neckshoulder. This is a body part you develop only when you have had a baby or when you have a pet rabbit. Rabbits are not a object you give as a gift nor should one be bought on impulse. How to care for the pet rabbit.

Rabbits and Geese
I felt it was time for a fun, light article. Did I ever tell you about the time my brother raised Easter Eggs from rabbits, or about the geese that chased my very proper aunt? I would love for you to share your animal stories!

Raccoon - Pet Raccoon
The raccoon is intelligent, mischievous, fun, in addition destructive, may bite, and scratch. You will also see part of my pet raccoon family that I adore; lots of cute raccoon pictures. I personally love these exotic pets, everything about them, their personalities, their antics, even their odor.

Raccoon - Raccoon Roundworms
Have you thought about parasites, worms that can invade your brain causing blindness, paralysis, and even potential death? Many animals can be host to this deadly roundworm – the raccoon roundworm. Your dog, your child, birds, and many mammals can all be a host to this deadly parasite.

Rat Supplies
It isn’t always easy finding decent rat supplies, examples; a safe cage, healthy food, toys that keep the rat or mouse occupied and happy but still help wear down the incisors. Sometimes you find great rat and mouse supplies in places you wouldn’t normally look.

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