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TV Networks and Exotics - A New Problem?
Over the last several years, many nature and animal oriented TV networks have turned to far more sensational programming to attract audiences. How and why has this become a problem for the exotics community? Are Animal Television Networks Tumbling into the Toilet?

Understanding Animals
The many shades of gray will eternally be my rainbow. Animal, swine all offensive derogatory terms; perception is a funny thing. Perhaps we need to understand animals better to understand our pets or other people's pets. Or, perhaps why some people have exotic pets.

Walking Stick - Stick Insects - Pet
Pet walking sticks, leaf insects, or stick insects are very interesting to watch and enjoy. It is particularly interesting for children. As long as they don’t try to handle the delicate creatures it is a lesson in life and science they will not forget. How to care for the exotic pet stick insect.

Wallaby - Wallabies - Pet
Wallabies are marsupials that look like a kangaroo but are smaller. The greatest populations would be found in Australia and New Zealand. Care and information on Wallabies.

Warning Exotic Pet Owners - You're Watched
In the news! You are being watched by authorities. Are you selling exotic animals illegally on the internet on a list like Craigslist? Have you posted your picture with an exotic pets, live in a illegal state, then posted it online? These people are being arrested too! Beware!

Weta – Pet Weta
Here is an exotic pet that can be as large as your hand, has its ears near its knees, and sings. Care to venture a guess what this animal is? It is an exotic pet Weta. Learn about the weta a very intriguing animal; a species as old as the dinosaurs.

What Pet Do You Choose
Let's look at the most common pets to see if they would be a good choice for our families, our households, and our lifestyles. Then we will compare exotic pets. There is almost always a pet for someone. It may not be a dog, cat, bird, parrot or fish it may be an exotic pet. What pet do you choose?

Willow Figurines - Review
Christmas Exotic Pets; nothing can be closer to the purest form of life except for life itself. Not anything can represent the splendor and purity of Christmas except for Artist Susan Lordi's sculptures the Willow Figurines. My first figurine represented my love for exotic pets, a gift from my niec

Winter Blizzards - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Are you prepared if a winter blizzard should strike? Do you have pets or exotic pets that are susceptible to frigid temperatures? Are you prepared to protect your pets from the cold? Do you understand carbon monoxide poisoning; it can kill animals, as well as humans, a silent but deadly killer.

Wolf - Loki's Story - Pet Wolves
I have known John Mattson for several years. His love and respect for animals has profoundly touched me. I deeply admired his relationship with his wolf Loki. I know you will enjoy John’s insight on wolves and his delightful humor! Enjoy the four part series beginning with Wolf – Loki’s Story.

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