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Dietary Needs - Death by Ignorance
Reptiles aren’t the only animals that benefit from an insect diet. I have found that using a 50%-50% insect and plant matter diet greatly enhances an exotic mammal’s heath, especially the skunk. This alleviates some of the problems found in skunks. But, the quality of purchased insects is awful.

I am socially unacceptable. It is because I am an exotic pet owner. I have a skunk, ferret, and a raccoon, sharing my home, as well as a wide variety of other exotic pets. I am responsible for these pets. Some people should never have pets, some people should never give birth to a child.

Diversities in Care - Quizzes!!
A pet owner’s lack of knowledge about their pet can result in unintentional animal cruelty. We have to have full knowledge in order to accept the responsibility of having a pet. Are you ready to test your knowledge of exotic pets. Take some fun quizzes? Are you ready? - Quiz on diversities of care?

Do Dragons Exist
One of the greatest mysteries of all times is seemingly answered, part of the answer through archeological evidence. You tell me, after reading the evidence, do dragons exist?

Dubia Roaches - Feeder Insects
Dubia roaches are a great feeder insect for exotic pets. This article will provide you the information you will need for Dubia Roach breeding information and care. This article is an ongoing series on live prey and feeder insects. Dubia roaches have more protein and calcium than crickets.

Earth Day - How Have Humans Impacted the Earth?
I have been pondering how I could have an impact on bringing awareness; encourage appreciation, and help preserve our beautiful planet. Everyday, not just Earth Day. How can you help? For humans, pets, and exotic pets how can we bring awareness that we are destroying our planet?

Easter Bunny
Pet rabbits are great for the right people. However, no holiday including Easter is the time to bring home a new pet or exotic pet. How to care for the pet rabbit; just not the Easter bunny! Would a rabbit be the right pet for you and your family? Did you know that rabbits don't like to be held?

Euthanasia - Our Little Ferret has Died
It seems a bit paradoxical that one of my exotic pet ferrets is dying while I am writing and publishing the ferret series. All I know is Missy has been my friend, my companion, a friend who has shown me nothing but unconditional love from the day we brought her home. Euthanasia a hard decision.

Exotic Large Plush Animal Toys for Children
Exotic Large Plush Animal Toys for Children are realistic and soft, poseable, and huggable. What better way to teach your child about animals. Large, soft plush animals are something that can start with a toddler and your child will still be interested to haul it off to college.

Exotic Pet Adoption
When we are lonely and blue there is pet for you that will always be true. Consider pet adoption. It doesn’t need to be a dog or cat there are many exotic pets that need a home. Consider exotic pet adoption and I will show you how to find adoptable exotic pets.

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