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Exotic Pets - What are Exotic Pets
I would love to make Exotic Pets BellaOnline a more interactive site. Lets start with a common but misunderstood question what are exotic pets? Can an exotic pet be a bird like the Hyacinth macaw, a fish like in a Koi pond? Is it a rabbit, a ferret or pygmy goat? What is an exotic pet, you decide.

Exotic Pets - Animals That Serve
Few people realize that exotic animals can help people with disabilities lead a happier and richer life; allowing them independence they would not have had without these service exotic animals. Miniature horses, monkeys to ferrets, allow the dignity these folks ought to have.

Exotic Pets - Baby it's HOT Outside!
With the best intentions sometimes we need extra help. Fresh out of the hospital, its very hot and humid, the Fourth of July is upon us. No matter what the circumstances we have got to keep these animals safe! Exotic pets are heat and cold sensitive and get plenty scared during fireworks!

Exotic Pets - Effects of Stress
It isn’t fair to your pet, exotic pet, or child to live in a world of emotional chaos. Many exotic pets can be very sensitive to emotional stress especially when it is ongoing. An emotional problem now can very well become a physical illness; colds, asthma, cancer, a huge diversity of illnesses.

Exotic Pets - Hedgehog - Skunk - Sugar Glider
This is the end of the What Pet Do You Choose series, at least for now. In this article we discuss the pet skunk, the pet sugar glider, and the pet hedgehog. All three of these animals can make wonderful exotic pets.

Exotic Pets - Tornadoes - Tornado
Preparedness and plans are a key to possibly surviving a tornado. Tornadoes can waylay the best of plans, but those well rehearsed plans can still save your life even if you have to go "off script." Save your exotic pets, pets, as well as the rest of your family members.

Exotic Pets - Wild Animals - Besotted Fools
Wild animals are, always had been, and hopefully will always be part of our lives. I am often told that wild animals don’t belong with humans. I disagree. I firmly believe we learn humanity through animals. Included are sensational lion pictures and tiger pictures, including some amazing videos.

Exotic Pets – Be Realistic
Exotic pets have very different needs than normal common pets. There are a wide variety of different requirements among various species of exotic pets. Please go into pet ownership being realistic about these needs. Having a pet is a commitment that will last the pet’s lifetime.

Exotic Pets – Please Help Me - A Public Plea
I want to hear from you! Help me make a difference. This is a plea to all exotic pet professionals, caregivers, and owners. Are you with me on this project? I can’t do it on my own. I need you and your experiences! We can’t continue to sit on our duffs and complain. We need to act.

Exotic Pets and Car Travel
I have traveled thousands of miles with skunks, infant raccoons, parrots, ferrets, skunks, and a variety of other pets, and exotic pets. This travel included moving across country more than once. Here are some tips to help you prepare and to stay sane through the entire trip.

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